Real high roller bets on the progressive jackpot mobile slot

Matthias had a pretty good run in the last few days and wanted to protect himself from losses, after which he had been blocked at many casinos, but still wanted to test the new Yggdrasil slot properly. As a result, I offered him to play my account using his account so he could show me how to hit a jackpot slot machine.

We chose scratch cards from this UK casino because the slot was there too and I was able to deposit from my checking account via PayPal. We initially paid € 200. The slot was then started, 6 € per spin below should not be played. It went through within a few minutes with no big win. Then unfortunately the deposit via PayPal was no longer possible, we had to use wire transfer, so I had to debit my savings account. At the same time, we also got a solution from the support, apparently you have to log in to Vera & John after every deposit via PayPal so that you can continue using the deposit method.

€ 200 were then paid via wire transfer. They went through to € 10, but Matthias let me know about his plans. You start with € 200, whenever you get over it, you spin higher € 14 or maybe € 20 per spin, as it suits you. If you fall further, you set a new lower limit, maybe € 100 or € 50. Anything above the new border will be played at higher stakes at

According to this principle, we continued to play and paid 2 times via PayPal 200 € and then another 400 €. After a short time everything was really gone, there were no big winnings and we didn’t win a jackpot after losing € 1,200. But some crystals had already accumulated. So we had to keep playing, according to Matthias there was a chance of a jackpot.

We paid another € 300, this time it had to be done with wire transfer, because the deposit limit for PayPal was completely exhausted. After this last deposit (now a total of € 1,500), Fortuna was gracious to us and so the credit increased by a maximum instant win (€ 500) in the book selection game and smaller winnings by € 590.

So it was € 871 and then it went in small steps to € 930 when 5 yellow crystals triggered jackpot free spins. In the 5th spin we had a single Super Mega Big Win of € 1,260, the free spins then brought the total credit to € 2,546. Not bad, but we still hadn’t won a jackpot.