Experience The Flavours Of the Jungle: The Crazy Monkey Game

The crazy monkey games gives a chance of experiencing the adventures of the jungle while gambling and win the jackpot amount of 90 crores and while playing the player can earn credits upto 5,000.

Initially, the game was developed for the local casinos but later the game gained a huge amount of popularity and then it was introduced to the higher level casinos and especially in the online casinos.

During the game, the player can choose among 1 to 9 paylines and then the player can choose the amount of bet using the betting key. The winner is decided by the combination of 2 to 3 common symbols and then the sequence of spins is started.


The bonus round comes with some extra winnings for the players. The player can win upto 125,000 from this bonus round. If the player gets three monkeys ina row then the player is allowed to go for the bonus round where the monkeys climb up the ropes and if the player gets bananas then the more paly win exciting prizes and if the anvil falls down the monkey the game ends immediately. But if the succeeds the first round then in the second round the player gets access to the jackpot box where the player has to choose between to boxes and if he chooses the right box then he wins the amount of 125,000.

The game packs some cool features too which is not known to all. The player when playing at maximum bet in the bonus round and has all the 9 paylines on gets a helmet for the monkey which provides an extra attempt to the player.